College Visit

Where I See God
Journal #30: College Visit

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

“God,” I prayed. “Give us reassurance that this is the right school for our daughter. Amen”

After a two weeks of e-mailing back and forth, my daughter finally had her appointment to talk to the college department in which she wishes to study.  She had a few questions about her potential studies, as well as, for Financial Aid and the school’s Honors College.  Early last Friday morning we climbed in the car buckling up for the two hour drive to her appointment.

On the way we discussed the questions she desired to ask, went over some introduction skills, and settled in to talk about the rest of life; primarily, her upcoming Homecoming plans.  Google maps led us straight to the Admission’s parking lot.  We walked in to meet her Admission’s councilor.  “Perfect timing,” he said as he greeted us with a smile before shaking our hands.  “Let’s head over to the Rehabilitation Sciences Department.”

A nice walk across campus and up three stories on the elevator brought us to my daughter’s desired area of study.  The Admissions councilor had answered Honor’s College questions on the way over, so our checklist for the visit was quickly being completed.

Introductions were made to a potential future professor. We then sat down to listen and ask questions.  My girl, started off slow but determined and clear spoken.  We were thankful for the prompting questions from the professor.  When finally he asked her what she was really after.  Confidently she explained her dream and her idea to use this degree for her undergraduate studies.  The professor smiled at her and said, “Wow! I don’t think we’ve had anyone with that dream before. Your path is very well planned out.  I think this would be a great starting off place for you.”  She smiled and listened to what her course work would hold and how the program could be adjusted to get her not only a degree, but also prepare her for the next step.

My daughter thanked the professor before we walked out the door to head for the Financial Aid office.  Three steps outside the professor’s office she released a sigh of relief.  “I feel so validated, Mom.” Her hope filled words fueled her passion for her dream.  At that moment, I felt a calming reassurance pour all over me. Mission accomplished.  Prayer answered.

Heading home we listened to music while she napped in the passenger seat.  I smiled and thanked God not only for the answer to our prayer but also the opportunity to see my girl take steps towards fulfilling her dream.


An Answered Prayer

Where I See God
Journal #20: An Answered Prayer

“Morning is coming, but also the night. If you would ask, then ask; and come back yet again.” Isaiah 21:12

The doorbell chimes rang followed by a, “Knock, knock.” My daughter jumped to answer. “Mom, it’s for you!”

Walking in I was surprised but thrilled to see an unexpected friend from my growing up days. She greeted me with a warm hug and a big beautiful smile.

“I was on the way to K.C. and felt God detour me. Were you needing me?” She asked.

My daughter and I looked astonished at each other as I teared up. “Yep, I sure was!”

Last week my husband took his annual leave to go on a mission trip to Uganda. Things have been going really good, but around the half way point of these trips each year, I get in a funk just because I miss him. It’s petty, but real, non-the-less. He and I make a great team, which is awesome when we are together. But often, when we are a part, I feel a bit lost. So this last Saturday, I was in my annual “missing my sweetie funk.”

I had exercised to try to get endorphins going and taken my daughter out of the house to peruse the resale shops for vintage clothing, but the funk still stuck like an extra layer of skin. I had decided to try to wash the funk away. While in the shower, I just stopped to pray when I realized, I was letting Satan’s arrows pierce me. I jumped out of the shower, dressed quickly and ran to my daughter with my dripping wet hair. “We need to pray together right now,” I said.

In the prayer, I asked for forgiveness for letting things get to me. I also asked God in a moment of self-pity if he could just send at least one friend to check on me.

An hour and a half later, came the knock on the door. God chose not a local friend but one who lived seven hours away to drop in with flowers to cheer me up. We talked and giggled until 1 am. I was exhausted Sunday morning when it was time to get up and go to church.

Exhausted, but so very thankful!