A Beautiful Moment

Where I See God
Journal #29: A Beautiful Moment

“but Mary kept all these things in her heart and thought about them often.” Luke 2:19 NLT

Brenda worked at the computer entering attendance records while I assembled booklets for a Wednesday evening study.  She had overheard a conversation I had with a friend who was teasing me about the dread of upcoming empty nesting.  When out of the blue, this sweet little seventy-something year old spoke these gentle words. “I loved it when we had simple days.  When my kids would tell me they were happy just because they were playing at the park or eating ice cream.  I treasured those moments.  I just wanted to drive onto Heaven in my station wagon because those moments were so special. I wanted time to stand still.  Those memories make me happy now that they are raised.”

I wanted to break down and cry right at that moment as I heard God speaking to me through this beautiful woman.

I have moments I’ve treasured just like that tucked away in my heart. Like when we took a Saturday afternoon to go fly kites up at Tyson Park and the kids giggled running around without a care.  Or the game nights where we played Uno and Yahtzee while eating brownies just thrilled to be together.

This sweet woman was sharing with me the purpose of those treasured thoughts.  Remembering joy.  Even in those times when life has moved on.  The very fact that I have those experiences, are opportunities to celebrate while creating new special memories each day as I continue forward in life.

Today was a beautiful moment as I learned a precious lesson. Joy isn’t ending just because a season is.


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