A Lesson from My Mom

Where I See God
Journal #19: A Lesson from My Mom

“Turn to me and have mercy on me; show your strength in behalf of your servant; save me, because I serve you just as my mother did.” Psalm 86:16

Mother’s Day evening my husband prepared dinner (grilled tuna with snow peas and fresh spring rolls) while my daughter created Crème Brulee.  My son and his fiancée joined us for dinner and then helped clean up the dishes afterwards. Half way through the dinner clean up the garbage disposal stopped working due to a clogged pipe under the sink. I immediately got on all fours to work taking the pipes apart in order to dislodge the culprit. The pipes basically vomited shredded carrots, egg shells and coffee grounds on me once loose. Gross!

I was thinking later that night about the plumbing experience after we finished cleaning and played a game of Clue (my favorite). It was a fantastic evening, even with the clogged sink incident. In fact, I think it was good for my kids to see me capable of fixing the plumbing. In the chaos of the moment, I wasn’t a fan, but later I was truly grateful for the moment that has already become a family memory. Mom – the secret plumber.

This made me think of my mom.

I remember my mom sewing some of my Easter dresses. They were beautiful. She worked patiently to make them come out so pretty. She also worked diligently beside my dad planting peach trees and taking care of them through the years when my parents ran a peach orchard. I very seldom heard her complain. (Growing up, I sure complained working in that orchard!)  I have other memories of her faithfulness in serving at church by keeping the financial books after counting the offerings each Sunday, as well as, singing in the choir.

Steady perseverance describes my mom. She works continuously with a humble heart. A servant’s heart.

One of my favorite memories is a simple one though. I remember her sitting in the La-Z-Boy with her red hard bound Bible, still, content and focused studying God’s word despite chaos going on around her. That memory has impacted me greatly. The fact that even though her life was busy with a husband, three kids, a nursing/teaching college career, farm work and volunteering at church, she made time for Jesus. It wasn’t done in secret either. She sat in the den out in plain view, as if to share with us the importance of the moment. A very precious moment.

I didn’t understand back then what my mom was really teaching us. In fact, I often interrupted her. But now as a mom, I get what she was doing. Not only was she spending time with her Savior and refueling her life with God’s love, she was showing us how to.

There are many things I have learned through my years as a mom. Juggling different tasks, breathing through crisis, plumbing… However, when I learned as a child who to turn to on good days and bad – well, that was by far, my most valuable life lesson of all.


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