Our Postal Carrier

Where I See God
Journal Entry #5: Our Postal Carrier

“Do not let kindness and truth leave you; Bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.” Proverbs 3:3

I put down my phone as the doorbell chimed. Answering, I was surprised to see my previous postal carrier standing at the door. “Hello, Mrs. Thornton!” He greeted me brightly. “I wanted to invite you to my book signing.”

I invited him in to catch up for a moment.

He shared with me how he had been forced to retire earlier than expected due to a health concern and hadn’t had the opportunity to say good-bye to his mail route. He also shared about when he was delivering mail, he would daydream about writing a love story. From house to house on his route he would think through creating an allegory of how the Holy Spirit works in our lives to help us grasps God’s love for us to live better lives. He knew God had placed this dream on his heart to write but he didn’t have time with the heavy postal delivery hours. Then he became ill, ending up with a lot of time on his hands. He started and finished his project quickly. Now, less than a year later his project has been picked up by a publisher and is already being sold on Amazon. Amazing story!

He was so excited to share.

Then something happened, I really wasn’t expecting. He shared he came by to personally invite me to his first book signing because I had been kind to him during his work as a postal carrier.

I was so humbled.

As he talked I heard God speaking.

Kindness makes a difference.”

But it wasn’t my kindness I was thinking of. It was his. Every time this man delivered mail in my neighborhood – regardless of the weather, he did it with a smile. He said the cheeriest “Hello,” I’m sure, to every grumpy face he encountered. I was so grateful for that cheery hello, because it came during a season where I was ill and was struggling to be grateful for where I was in life. Yet, most days of the week, this man and his positive attitude despite the rain, sleet, or sweltering hot continued working without complaining. God used him to inspire me to be kind despite my circumstances.

Here he was rewarding me by sharing his story. Not only did he write me note of his news, he also hand delivered an invitation just because I had been kind to him. He did this with me and thirty-four other people on his mail route.

I am honored by his invitation; but more importantly, I am blessed from God using him to teach me to be nice through difficult circumstances.


If you are interested in reading his book, you can order it off of Amazon. The Enchanting Adventures of Christian Nature by James A Rousseau, Jr.


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