Three Statements She Needed to Hear Me Say

“How precious are your thoughts about me, O God.  They cannot be numbered.” – Psalm 139:17

After a series of events from articles I’d read to things I’d overheard from moms, teen girls and teen guys, I pulled my daughter aside to tell her three things about dating. She needed to hear these things from me –her mom. Not just my expectations, but to tell her the power she holds. Truth spoken into her for encouragement to stand firm and continue working towards being who God is calling her to be. Failure to recognize her power and value could potentially affect her perception of herself and how she separates herself from the culture in which she lives.

Number One:

“You are worth being wooed.” Woo. Seems like such an old fashioned kind of word, yet women desire to be wooed – to be sought after or to be made an effort for. If a guy wants to take you out, you are worth a little extra work. I’m not saying he has to spend mega bucks or excessive time on antics, but creating a date plan, being a gentleman, and greeting you politely are definitely expected. A guy making an effort for you shows his sincerity.

Number Two:

“You do not owe him anything.” Be polite and nice; however, regardless of what a guy says, you have the right to not engage in any form of physical or sexual act. If there is any pressure to do anything you are not comfortable with, you have the power to end the date and leave. It is ok to say “no”. In fact, you will probably have to say “no” at some point in time. Don’t lower your standards for a date. On another note – know what your standards are before you even go out.

Number Three:

“Be you.” If a guy doesn’t like who you are, you don’t need to be with him. If he’s always correcting you or putting you down, you do not have to stay around him. Television, social media, books, friends, Pinterest articles, etc. tell us who we should be and what we should expect in dating. So much fabricated information. However, when you cover yourself in all that information it is easy to lose your way, have unrealistic expectations and forget who you are. Know where to find the truth about who you are by continuing to seek God’s word. Never forget you were created for a purpose and are wonderfully made. You are cherished and loved before you step foot out of this house to even go on a date. You have value in being you.


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