Gifting Time

“The Lord will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forevermore.” Psalm 121:8

To celebrate my husband’s birthday we met my son and his girlfriend at my husband’s favorite Italian  food place. We were all together for an hour and a half sitting around the table sharing stories and laughing. We have been going and going lately with end of school year obligations. Evening meals  have taken a hit with the three of us at home, so it was a real treat to be together; plus, add in the two college students.

College exams at my son and his girlfriend’s college begin in a few days. Stress is high. Exhausted eyes looked at us from both student’s faces. My daughter, a high school student sported the same look. My husband sat at the end of the table a bit droopy, too after putting in extra time for work projects. Something about sitting around a table though, revived our spirits and brought us all together. We needed that time.

We heard the adventures on both campuses, and discussed plans for the next few weeks. Then my husband opened his birthday gifts. My daughter gave him a cooking challenge. A bag filled with random ingredients and the challenge to pull a family meal together from them. (He loves to cook for his family.) My son gave him a couple of father/son dates to watch movies. I gave him a pocket watch and a card listing some dates for us to go out this summer with plans for those evenings. Everything was simple, but just what my husband needed. Time. He enjoys time with his family. So we gave him time with each of us.

None of us consulted each other on what we were giving, but we all had similar ideas. The truth is we want time with him, as well. He is fun to be around; plus, with life moving quickly we don’t want to miss out on opportunities to be together.  We booked in some of that time so life wouldn’t take over.

At the end of the meal we enjoyed ice cream cupcakes, before saying good-bye. Feeling full and refreshed we all climbed into our cars to head out in two different directions. Three to our home and two back to college. Knowing that in a couple of weeks we’d see each other again. Plans were set. We made time.


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