A Space to Dream


“Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.” –Romans 12:10 NLT

When we moved into our house we quickly learned the room where we hang out the most (other than the kitchen) needed to be very versatile. Christened “Thornton Lounge” we threw down a rug on top of the wood floors and purchased comfy couches with felt tabs on their feet for easy rearranging for games and sleep overs. We needed a practical and multifunctional space for our together time. The kids grew hosting many friends for movie nights, birthday parties and Christmas teas. Some nights the sofa’s faced the TV while others they were pushed to the walls to make room for cloth covered tables and chairs as table settings and/or craft projects adorned the room. The Lounge became a precious space to us. Even more precious now.

During our season of chaos (the last few months), my husband and I felt discombobulated. I kept dreaming of sitting on the porch swing outside. Swaying the busy away. However, the weather kept sending miserably cold days. Remembering when I was a kid the times my family would sit in lawn chairs underneath the pine trees of East Texas at my grandparents, I kept feeling like there has got to be some way to accomplish a similar environment within our home. A sit and dream space.

One day when exercising on the stationary bike in the Lounge, I realized looking out the window at our view, even though there stood a big brown fence, trees and open sky were still to be enjoyed. Shoving the bike out of the way I slid the loveseat to face right in front of that window and cracked the window for a little fresh air. Nice affect. Very nice.

That evening after dinner clean up, my husband asked me what was on the agenda for the evening. I smiled and told him we were going to sit and dream. “Sit and dream?” he asked puzzled. “Yep,” I said. Pouring some hot tea we went and sat on the love seat looking out into the sky at dusk. We talked about our days, shared some childhood memories, drank our tea and then dreamed about what we’d like to see in the future. After a kiss (or two), we left the loveseat, both agreeing we felt a sense of peace and calmness.

So calming…the next night after dinner clean-up he asked if I’d mind going to move the loveseat back to the window again.

Sometimes I think we run ourselves crazy. Then we think the only way to calmness is a radical change or expensive get away. The truth is what we often need most is a chance to slow down, reconnect and dream a bit.


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