So She Did

“And kill the calf we have been fattening.  We must celebrate with a feast,” Luke 15:23 NLT


This past Monday my daughter came home sharing how she and her friends didn’t have plans for their school’s Homecoming event.  They wanted to go to the dance, but weren’t sure about dinner or what to do afterwards. The last three years my girl has watched as her brother and his girlfriend attended dances with dinner parties and after dance bonfires.  She hungered for plans of her own, so I said, “Then plan some.”

So she did.

By Thursday she had invited a small group to dine in our backyard.  I was proud of her for being bold and initiating action.  Then she handed me the menu, telling me, “I took it easy on you, Mom.”  I smiled, looking at the menu, because she had.  The list included an Olive Garden mock salad, her Dad’s risotto, picking up a rotisserie chicken from the local grocery store and some crusty bread with iced tea and lemon water. A great entertaining meal for a short on time kind of day.

Then she then began to plan the decorations and table setting. Trying to keep things simple, she used linens and candles we already owned.  We worked together creating a Homecoming sign for the fence.


Homecoming night came.  Her friends arrived thrilled by the extra touches and opportunity to be invited.  They enjoyed the meal sharing conversation amongst themselves.  My favorite part was listening to the laughter from the backyard.


With smiles and full tummies we piled everyone into the car to head to the dance.  After dropping her and her friends off, I told her to have a good time.

…so she did.



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