The Summer Slow-Down

“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” Psalm 34:8

Summer slow down


Summer has set in at Thorntonville. Days are unhurried, the air-conditioning is running. Long walks in the morning and/or evening along with Farmer’s Market have become part of our weekly routine. Posted on the fridge are breakfast and lunch idea lists, but generally no one looks at them, unless, of course I remind them.  Even when I prepare food our mealtimes are random. It’s a slower paced time with everyone going about their work according to that days plan.

My daughter has been babysitting some and volunteering lots, but spends the rest of her time with a book in her face. She has a couple of camps coming up and a mission trip in July. It is fun seeing her off her normally rigorous schedule.

My girl is fifteen and beginning to learn to drive. We’ve spent hours on country roads, letting her practice. Always nervous at first, she continually gains confidence as she progresses. She smiles, relieved but proud of her efforts when she finishes.

Last week after we finished her country road tour, we headed down to our local Amish store. We both had dessert in mind, but the café in the back of the store was closing up, so we purchased some apple butter with plans to make biscuits the following morning. We forgot until the following week.

So, yesterday morning the smell of homemade biscuits permeated our home. Sitting down to breakfast, we slathered the tasty apple butter over the warm buttered biscuits as we discussed our ideas for painting a mural on the back fence. The ideas were entertaining. The biscuits were yummy! So simple. So tasty. So good.

Summer. It’s a nice slow down. It gives us the opportunity to tackle things like learning to drive or crazy projects like painting a mural on the back fence. Camps come and go, but overall it’s a time to enjoy each other without having to schedule in the time. It is just there. Simple. Sweet. Refreshing. Time for order stacked days will be here soon enough, but for now we take refuge in the simple life.


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