The Drive-In

drive in

“Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you.  Rejoice in the wife of your youth.”  Proverbs 5:18

As we rounded the corner into the drive-in, my husband asked, “Where do you want me to park?” Chuckling at his question, knowing he knew I had an opinion, I suggested five rows in slightly off the center to the left side. The cars in front weren’t as tall; plus, the space was far away from the monster truck loaded with people sitting in lawn chairs on the truck bed.

Turning off the engine my husband went to adjust the radio. I started to give advice, but as my words came out I realized I didn’t know what I was talking about. The station was hard to find on the device we were using so we reverted back to the car radio. “Don’t worry, Kysia. It won’t drain the battery. If it does the office has jumper cables.”

Grabbing my pillow and blanket I made myself comfortable as I glanced over looking at my man.   His baby blues were already looking at me. I smiled taking his hand for a moment. He laughed. We were excited to be on a date in the open air ready to watch Batman vs. Superman, the movie we both wanted to see.

Then… the car in front of us toked up. I looked at my husband. “Do you want me to move the car?” he asked. “No,” I said disappointed. He smiled and reminded me, “We can move, but we may end up next to another one.” He was right and I knew it.

The movie started. The sound in the car was stellar.

Half way through, I told him the movie had a poor plot. He chuckled and told me it would improve. I apologized for talking in the movie. He smiled at me knowing I would do it again.

The movie didn’t get much better. I talked again. He did, too.

A couple of cars turned their lights on putting a glare on the screen. “Turn’m off,” I heard the whisper next to me, frustrated with others ignorance of drive-in etiquette.

The blow-up/fight scenes came. Wonder woman rocked. The movie still stunk. We drove home.

As we pulled in the driveway we were both laughing poking fun at the film a bit. Walking in the door we greeted our daughter who had just returned from her evening out with a friend. We said good night to her and retreated for the evening.

Kissing my husband, I said, “I had a really good time tonight. I’m so glad we went.”  And I was glad. It wasn’t picture perfect, but we did get to see a movie we had wanted to see. More importantly, we got to see it together. Truthfully, I didn’t really care about the movie. I just wanted to be with my man. As he held me close, I knew he just wanted to be with me, too.


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