The Birthday Present

“Thank God for this gift too wonderful for words!” 2 Corinthians 9:15 NLT


I woke up this morning to a sweaty husband, just back from a run letting me know he had started the coffee and my daughter would be making breakfast. After breathing a sigh of thanksgiving, I pulled back the sheets and forced my sleepy bones out of bed. “Happy Birthday, Kysia,” I heard receiving a careful kiss from my spouse so his sweat didn’t drip on me. He headed for the shower as I made our bed.

Thirty minutes later we sat at the breakfast table with pecan pancakes, a scripture verse and lesson on one of God’s names (our Lenten study).  My birthday gifts sat in the center of the table. It was a morning made in heaven. Blissful.

I opened first the card from my kids, then a gift of three scarves my daughter had picked out and my son had helped finance. Next was my husband’s gift.

Now my husband is a tremendously talented gift giver. He spoils me rotten. As I looked down at his gift, I didn’t quite grasp the meaning of it until later. He had printed off all of my blogs from my first year blogging being careful to save all the pictures and reassemble in the proper order. He then wrote a letter of encouragement for me to keep blogging and traveling on life’s journey. Spiral bound, he created a book of Life@Thorntonville’s first year. A precious gift.

After dropping my girl off to school and pouring a hot cup of coffee, I sat down to look through the book. Two hours later, I was still reading and flipping through last year’s writings. It meant so much to see the progress of my writing and, even more so, the steps in my journey with my relationship in Christ.

I’ve been contemplating what to do with this little blog. I write mostly for myself and it doesn’t get a lot of attention. However, sitting down to just flip through the year was so inspiring. The little book encouraged me to continue onward. I had struggled through some of the weeks sharing and baring part of my soul. While I hesitated because it was hard for me to strip down and be that honest, seeing the blog post week after week in a book helped me better to see the progression of the journey. What a journey it has been! What a journey it will continue to be!

Originally, the blog was set up just to share what was happening in our home with faith and our family, but somewhere a new vision formed of writing about daily activities and life so that others walked away encouraged or maybe looked at life with a different perspective.

While I’m playing with some ideas to change the set-up on the site, my fingertips are excited to continue putting my thoughts into written words.

I want to thank each of you who have read, encouraged me and/or given your opinions from time to time. You are a blessing to me. Thanks for joining me.

I also want to thank my kids for approving of the posts and letting me go public with them. There are several posts that didn’t make the cut. I get it. I want to respect your privacy. I’ve tried to be really careful about things that are personal to you and not impede upon your privacy. I love you. You are part of my journey.

To my husband: Thank you for your poking and prodding to get me started. Thank you for my laptop, thesaurus, cups of hot tea, and nights you’ve just let me sit still to focus. Thanks also for sharing my posts on social media and proof reading those times I really wasn’t sure how things would sound. I’m so glad I’m getting to spend life with you. Thank you so much for the blog book that was more than bound papers.  It was so much more.  Your gift was a gift of true encouragement. For that, I am blessed beyond words.  Thank you!

Onward we go one step in front of the other here in Life@Thorntonville!



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