Tick, Tick, Tick…Social Media

“”I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial.  “I have the right to do anything”—but not everything is constructive”     1 Corinthians 10:23

 social media

Social media. I love it!

However, it is one of my largest time wasters. Since I’ve been trying to sharpen my time management skills, I decided to take a breather from social media. The following are some of my observations about my experience, exploring some habits I need to change, as well as, some of the things I’ve missed.

Overall, I have been more at peace taking time off social media. The reduction in cynical remarks and sensational news has benefited my attitude. But… I’ve dearly missed seeing my extended family’s photos as they do their cute things. I’ve missed daily encouragement from peers. I’ve missed my cousin’s crazy life stories and my close friends’ discoveries and commentaries. I’ve also missed information my school district, church, and city posts. Information a time or two that would’ve come in handy.

I really haven’t missed the random videos, the sassy political oppinions or even the reposts of feel good sayings and/or jokes. I also haven’t missed life hacks or scare information on how to prevent the next hoodlum from breaking into my car.

After taking time off, I see how important  it is for me to use my time more wisely with social media.  I had gotten to the point of my cell phone serving almost as a god I worshipped, habitually calling upon when boredom, curiosity, or procrastination hit. So…How do I self-monitor and stop my addict behavior?

My Social Media Behavior Goals: (Yes, I know only a nerd would title these. I proudly bear the name, “Nerd”, because I recognize for my behavior to change, I need goals.)

First, checking in on media early in the morning is a bad idea for me. It tends to keep me preoccupied through my morning routine, throwing not only myself, but also my family off balance. So, my phone will stay on the family phone dock until I leave for carpool duty.

Second, my days can get pretty hairy. Checking in on social media is a distraction. I’ve decided putting away my phone while I work is probably the best way to keep me from peaking in on Facebook when trying to avoid the dreaded parts of the daily grind.

Third, when I’m with others, I want them to have my complete attention. I can always make return calls, messages and even check-in on social media later. My day to day relationships and family are important. I want the people I am presently spending time with to know they are my focus.

Fourth, I absolutely love looking at Instagram, checking out the floral arrangements from fabulous florists, the latest menu from my favorite chef, and looking at picturesque scenes from England, Ireland, and Germany. It’s not bad that I enjoy these things, so I’m going to set aside this part of social media as a reward for my work done.

Fifth and lastly, there is a time to check-in and catch up on the latest postings of friends. But for a bit, I’m probably going to have to set a certain amount of time to enjoy and then  close it down. Otherwise, time gets away from me. If I give myself a limited time segment, I’m not going to be tempted to stop and read everyone’s opinion  on subjects I don’t really care about; This will also reduce  watching all the videos (except the fun ones of my nieces and nephew, of course!)

Life is full at the moment; I don’t want to miss out on living my own because I’m so busy plugging into someone else’s. Always watching what others do, tends to rob my joy, too. I lose time to fulfill my own dreams and I compare myself to others, wanting what they have instead of being grateful for the life I’ve been blessed with. These are two bad habits I can do without. However, using social media in moderation for the intent of encouraging my friends, enjoying my friends and extended family’s photos, in addition to, seeing the world around me is something I’m not prepared to give up entirely.

How do you handle the social media time robbing temptation?



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