“Those who trust in the Lord are steady as Mount Zion, unmoved by any circumstance.” Psalm 125:1

“Those who listen to instruction will prosper; those who trust the lord will be joyful.” Proverbs 16:20


Most of my friends are posting on Facebook how happy they are to have their Christmas decorations put up. As for me, I’m lingering in the tree lights trying to grab onto every moment, as if I have the power to slow down time. 2016 has arrived and I’m not ready for it. I already know it will be a year of change and my inner nature squirms restlessly. Even when the change ahead is good.

Some people handle change tremendously well. I’m not one of those people. Change goes against my inner nature built on habit. Breakfast at 7:15. Kids out the door by 7:45. Exercise and walk dog by 8:30. House chores…. The list goes on. I can recite my day. I thrive on order. If I understand my role and work, I soar. While order is not a bad thing, not being able to adapt to normal life interruptions and changes is a bit unhealthy. Although I know this, change still confuses me.

Life is full of change though. So my big toe carefully, cautiously, and yes, even bravely steps into 2016.

I’ve always admired people who could throw caution to the wind and jump into any situation. People who don’t seem to see the cost of situations, or maybe they do and don’t care. I see the cons of most situations way before I see the benefits. It’s not that I’m a total “glass half empty” personality (my husband may argue with that statement), I just genuinely like safety, order… and possibly predictability.

So when I looked at this year and the things I’d like to work on in contrast to the things that are going to happen anyway, I picked “Joy” for my 2016 study word. I mean it seemed natural to pick “joy” for a year of changes. I want to be happy through the transitions, not my normal nervous wreck. While I understand joy and happy are different, I realized something bigger at play when I began to research joy. Trust. I struggle with joy because I struggle with trust. Trusting myself, trusting others, ultimately trusting God. My reality is – I can’t work on joy until I work on trust.

My study word is now trust.

It makes more since really, if I trust God through the upcoming changes; I will gain not only strength in trust, but as a bonus, I will be granted joy. Kind of a two for one special. (Oh, how I love a good deal!)

So here is my plan for my study word of “trust”:

  1. Pray for understanding of what it really means to trust God.
  2. Search scripture for verses that reflect on trust.
  3. Take steps to trust. For me, this may include:
    1. Simple prayers when I need courage to trust.
    2. Giving myself grace when I fail to trust; because let’s get real- I’m practicing a new skill. Making mistakes will happen. Mistakes help build the stairs on which to learn and climb to a new level.
    3. Asking God for His perspective on what trust looks like in specific situations.
    4. Studying those who chose to trust God with their lives and did remarkable things because of it. People like Elizabeth Elliot, Mother Theresa, Desmond Tutu, and William Wilberforce. Men and women whose trust was extraordinary and moved not only mountains but also challenged the world’s way of thinking.

Those are my steps and this is me moving into 2016 with trust.

Now to put up the Christmas Decorations.



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