1 Run, 2 Charities, A World of Difference

“When you call me and come and pray to me, I will listen to you.  When you search for me, yes, search for me with all your heart, you will find me.” – Jeremiah 29:12-13 CEB


This morning we woke before dawn.  We dressed, my husband stretched and we drove him to the designated drop of place, fifty kilometers from home. We smiled and prayed over my husband taking two items that symbolized the charities in which he was raising money and took a picture.


He began to run.  His goal was to raise five thousand dollars by getting people to sponsor him per kilometer dividing the funds between our two favorite charities.

6This goal didn’t happen overnight.  It actually started last year when he was making plans  for this year.  He had a dream of running a 50k and a desire to help vulnerable children. He prayed asking God to show him how to combine his dream with his passion and create a short term mission project by raising money for children who can not help themselves.

The first of the charities is a local organization he is involved with called the Children’s Safety Center.  This organization assists children who have been through the terrible atrocities of abuse, helping them get the help they need – like doctor examinations, police interviews and counseling in a safe environment.  They also continue counseling with the child and care providers to increase the odds of the child growing up healthy.

The second charity Help One Now, works with a mission project that began ten years 4ago out of Jinja, Uganda in conjunction with our church.   His Mercy School for Vulnerable Children helps impoverished children by feeding, educating and clothing them.  We’ve been trying to find ways of making this school self-sustainable by working on income project ideas that would provide funds to pay teachers, help with school materials and keep up the facility’s maintenance.  The children are covered through Help One Now child sponsorships. Currently, the idea of a mango orchard is on the table.

The run really took shape this past September, when we set the date.  My husband began training (he keeps up with his running, but training for a race takes extra work-outs).  We created a name and with the help of Pure Charity (purecharity.com) we set up an account to receive donations to be delivered directly to the charities of our choice.

Social media was our means of getting the word out.  Each week we would post how my husband’s training was going with a link to Pure Charity explaining our purpose for the run.


We didn’t quite reach our goal, but we came mighty close.  And shortly after noon today…he crossed the finish line!

8 I was so proud!  He completed a goal using his love of running and blessed many children around the world.  He worked hard and now others will benefit.

Sometimes it is easy to think that the little things we do daily don’t matter.  However, they do.

My husband simply asked two questions.

  1. What am I passionate about?
  2. What do I enjoy doing?

He then prayed and God opened an opportunity to make a world of difference for some children in need.  A beautiful moment with an amazing impact.




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