“Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.”  Philippians 1:3



This week’s blog is dedicated to my girl in honor of her fifteenth birthday. It’s a simple post packed with momma emotion.


I remember her at…

2 so carefully and quietly observing all that went on around her.

3 smashing ants with her tennis shoes and a scrunched up face saying, “Bad bug.”

4 lying still while the doctor removed the scary spots. Afterwards 15easking if we could go to Target for shiny shoes.

5 determined to do her best in kindergarten.

6 missing her good friend who changed schools.

7 dancing in the party scene of The Nutcracker adorned in tulle and burgundy velvet.

8 working hard to conquer spelling.

9 baking cupcakes.

10 selling cupcakes to help children in Uganda.

15f 11 asking to go to Uganda.

12 using her lunch money to feed someone else.

 13 working in Uganda beside her dad.

14 struggling with being called “nice”, yet being determined to have a kind heart.

15…the door is open… waiting to see what the year will hold.




One thought on “15

  1. What a lovely tribute! As a mom in just year 3, it made me tear up to see how your daughter has grown over the years. I also remember hating being called “sweet” for probably the same reasons why she is frustrated to be “nice”.


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