A Morning Walk

“For you make me glad by your deeds, O Lord; I sing for joy at the works of your hands. How great are your works, Oh Lord, how profound your thoughts!” Psalm 92:4-5

A morning walk

I’ve been trying to take advantage of the beautiful autumn mornings lately. By beautiful, I’m talking about the weather. Due to dry weather, our trees aren’t putting on the most vibrant show this year. The leaves are turning to brown on the trees and then falling. I’m missing the brilliant reds, oranges and yellows that usually adorn the landscape of our region. However, the weather has been amazing. Brisk mornings with medium temperatures in the afternoon. Perfect for enjoying football games, hikes and other outdoor activities.

This morning, Sherlock (our beagle) and I headed down to the greenway trails about three quarters of a mile from our home. I love walking. It’s the perfect time to think, work out issues, pray and breathe in the fresh air. My walks are the most therapeutic time of the day. It’s as if each exhale releases stress and each inhale delivers gentle encouragement.

While walking this morning, I mentally worked through my back to stay-at-home mom status, addressed my heart struggles with my son’s transition into adulthood and thought of ways to encourage my hardworking handsome husband.

I started the walk with my right hand tightly gripping Sherlock’s leash looking at the path ahead with dread, as though exercise was the only purpose for the walk and I needed to get it done so I could check it off my daily to-do list. With each step muscles from my feet to my neck released a little tension. At first I hardly noticed the nature focusing inward so much. It didn’t matter to me that I couldn’t see what was ahead on the trail. But by the half way mark, I was blessed with three deer immerging out of the trees, racing back and forth on the trail as though playing a game of tag. Suddenly, as if beckoning my attention the woods came alive. There were squirrels collecting acorns, a few birds chirping in the trees, and even a few late shedding trees with bright yellow leaves instead of just brown.

After this I began to search eagerly for the action going on around me. I couldn’t help but pay attention. Of course, Sherlock was eager to engage, as well once his nose caught onto a scent.

a morning walk 2

Walking back to the house, I pondered how often I miss the opportunity to enjoy life around me. How easily I get caught up within myself entangled in the hectic day to day . Then I thought about all those amazing, even miraculous things that are continuously on display. I know it is unrealistic to stay in the woods, but it sure is refreshing to venture in for a bit and see God’s creation at work while taking a break for a moment from man’s.

No, my walk didn’t solve all my worries. However, it still gave me peace of mind. Soon winter will come and I will resort to short Sherlock walks around the neighborhood and exercising on the stationary bicycle.  It won’t be same.  That alone is encouragement to take advantage of all the walks I can now while nature is so accommodating.


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