All I Could Do Was Say Thanks

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.  1Thessalonians 5:18

Last Sunday, my husband didn’t feel well and stayed in bed as I headed into church.  It was our Sunday to bring food for our Sunday School class so apple cake and a bowl of sliced watermelon joined my daughter and I for the drive. I dropped my daughter off to help with the younger children, before parking and carrying our food inside.  Climbing out of the car, I put my backpack styled purse on my back, loaded my Bible on top of two dishes  and proceeded to walk towards the building.

I was wearing a cute knee length dress and was excited to finally wear my knee high black boots for the first time this fall.  Walking confidently and feeling stylish, I said, “Hi”  to an elderly gentleman in the parking lot.  He turned and raced back to open the door for me.  I thought he had an odd expression on his face, but since I was in a hurry, all I could do was say, “Thanks.”  After smiling  with gratitude, I assured him I would be fine walking to my classroom without assistance.

Walking down the hall a bit farther, though, I kept feeling a chill on the back of my legs.  It was only after entering the classroom that I realized the back of my dress had been caught under my cute backpack purse so that my grey with pink striped comfortable cotton undies were out for all the world to view.  From parking lot to classroom I had confidently strolled trying to keep my dishes and Bible balanced unaware of my underwear on display.

After sitting my food on the counter and removing my purse so the dress’ fabric returned to cover my derriere, I laughed thinking of the gentleman’s face too embarrassed to tell me my dress  was up.  Then all I could do was say thanks, relieved for the coverage my comfy undies had provided.


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