Dear Teachers, Thank You

“Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.” Romans 12: 10

Dear Teachers

Dear Teachers,

This last week was Parent/Teacher conferences. As my daughter met me after school, we discussed the day’s events from class to class while walking to buy an iced tea from a local sandwich shop before returning to school to meet you and my husband for conferences. I have to say, as I listened to my child’s descriptions, you do a great job teaching my child the subjects you teach. She tells me of the variety in her day, the many different projects, how you go over test questions missed and how, for the most part, you encourage her to do her best.

Each one of you is different, but I’m so impressed that despite differences, by the end of a semester and year, my child knows each subject pretty well.  I value this because I know all your students come to you with many different circumstances and needs too, but there is usually growth in each one them, as well.

After leaving my daughter’s school, I had a similar experience at my son’s. As my husband and I walked around his school, I was amazed with the level of professionalism, the intent to have him ready for his next step in life and even the enthusiasm and passion you have for the subjects you teach. Most of you are even engaging, helpful and quite patient.

Through the years, I’ve struggled with a couple of you. Let’s be honest here.  Sometimes it was my fault, sometimes it was yours. Typically it concerned a personality collision with my child (or with me) on how discipline was handled or not handled- not usually over the quality of your teaching. The quality has remained fairly consistent. Over all, most of you have been well trained, kind, and quite impressive with conveying your knowledge. I’m also amazed with all the clubs you sponsor, sporting events you attend to cheer on your students and other extra’s you give that come straight from your heart. I do realize there is so much as a parent I don’t even know about.

I just want to say thanks to you, my children’s teachers. Thank you for getting out of bed each morning, eating breakfast on the run and heading into to face a job often filled with challenges.  Thank you for the work you do. Thank you for embracing difficult situations and personalities. Thank you for seeing your job through to the victory of teaching a new generation- my children’s generation. Thank you. You’re making a difference and I am very grateful for your effort, successes and passion.


Kysia Thornton


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