Philippians 4:19

“God will meet all your needs.” Philippians 4:19


Philippians 4:19 is taped to my computer. I often worry about things I shouldn’t, so I stuck the verse in a place I would view it often – my computer screen. “God will meet all your needs.” Actually the entire verse says, “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” But writing down the basics is enough for me to remember God’s got things under control.

However, I don’t have things under control.

For example right now, my son is filling out college applications. The worries that come up with that are crazy. Will he go where he needs to go? Will we have the money for it? Where do we find scholarships? Is he selecting the right major? How much debt are we willing to undertake? I could probably spit out another ten worries I’ve questioned.

Moving in an unknown direction is difficult.

At the beginning of the summer I worried over a different situation: my husband’s mission work. Each year he travels to Uganda to work with widows, orphans and to encourage others. Each year I worry (getting better on this one) wondering, Will he come back? Is he making a difference? Are there enough supplies? Each year he steps off the plane back in America with stories that make my heart cry and rejoice in awe of the work God is doing and how many needs are being met.

Steps of faith. “God will meet all your needs.” is a verse with a step of faith. I can choose to believe it and trust or I can choose to doubt it and continue to worry. I realize that “meeting all my needs” may look differently than what I dream about. For example, I honestly believed when my husband began his trips to Uganda they would be a short term kind of thing. He’d help a group quickly and move onto something else. I’d only have to worry for a few years. (That may sound horrible and selfish, but that’s probably where I was at the time.) I’m so thankful God met my needs and not me. He knew what I needed and went way above and beyond anything I would’ve had the vision to do.  He met our needs and the needs of others.  We’ve watched families and communities rise above poverty in breath taking beauty. My faith has been stretched beyond rubber band  stretching proportion. Also, getting letters that the school your church helped build is producing students who are excelling is tremendously joyous. It is so worth the couple of weeks I get a little scared every year. I’m so glad to say “every year” and not “in the past my husband went on a few mission trips and God used him this one time.” God uses him every year and during the year to help the wonderful people in Uganda.

Past experience helps me stay true to Philippians 4:19. There are a few steps I now follow to help break the worry rut. Staying in prayer and recruiting people to pray for all the missionaries before a trip and during a trip helps my faith. As does staying in God’s word. Staying close to my Maker helps me move forward by engaging in encouragement. Encouragement comes in the form of words spoken, joining prayer teams, helping pack for the trip and/or collecting items needed for the trip, as well as other ways. These actions help me to affirm that I do believe God by saying, “Yes, You are going to take care of all of this, meet the team’s needs and bring my husband back home.”

So…back to applying Philippians 4:19 where I am struggling now.

Faith application for worry over my son’s college:

  1. Choose to believe, “God will meet all my son’s needs.”
  2. Cover in Prayer
  3. Stay in God’s Word
  4. Step forward by encouraging – I can help proof read applications, listen to choices and the reasoning behind them, look for scholarships, and most importantly, trust that God’s got my son.

Like mission trips, God is in control of college, too. Faith feels much better than suffocating worry. Not only is there room to breathe, there is room to watch the God of the universe at work. He is in charge. The results are so much better.


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